4 March 2020 | London, United Kingdom
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4 March 2020
London, United Kingdom
Futurebuild Matchmaking 2020

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I receive none or only a few meeting requests?

  • None?  Have you planned your attendance and chosen the time sessions? Have you published a high-quality profile?
  • Only a few?  The better your profile the more meeting requests you will receive. Often companies bypass registration quickly and do not include meaningful qualitative organisation descriptions and collaboration wishes, I am offering ..., I am looking for ... Low-quality profiles do not motivate companies to get in contact with you.

Why publish a high-quality collaboration profile in the Marketplace?

  • The Marketplace gives you the opportunity to publish and promote your collaboration wishes both before and after the event.
  • Event participants, as well as any other web users, can find your organisation details and your published co-operation wishes.
  • A statistical analysis of 500 matchmaking events showed that high-quality profiles are visited between 50 and 150 times.
  • The better your profile the more meetings requests you will receive.

How does the matchmaking work?

At a matchmaking event people meet and greet at high speed.  Meetings take 20 minutes, which is usually enough time to forge business connections. Then the bell rings and you move to the next meeting.

Each participant registers with a co-operation profile that will be displayed on the event website. Only registered participants can select meetings with others they would like to talk with.  A few days before the event, each participant will receive a schedule, showing WHO they will meet, WHEN and WHERE.

What are the benefits of participating in the matchmaking event?

  • The sooner you complete your profile the longer it will be available for other participants to view and request meetings with you. 
  • Participants can contact each other before the event and know exactly who they will be meeting.
  • Your profile will be promoted extensively giving you the best opportunities to meet your potential ideal partner.
  • A matchmaking event therefore presents a very efficient and focused way of finding new collaboration partners

How can I register on the event?

Click on the green "registerbutton on the homepage to start the registration process. The deadline is 1 March 2020 but the earlier you register the better as some participants will have a full agenda and you will not get as many opportunities.

What type of information do I need to fill in the registration form?

  • Page 1: Plan your attendance and choose the sessions for your meetings.
  • Page 2: Contact data: name of the person attending and company. Provide some information about the organisation you are working for, its focus and areas of activity.
  • Page 3: Complete the Marketplace fully giving details such as product and the target partner sought. The Marketplace is your virtual business card, the higher the quality, the more participants will select you for meetings!!!

Who is the Participant?

The participant is the person who will be actively participating in the matchmaking event and who is responsible for the published profiles. Participants should include their contact details, especially e-mail and mobile phone number, so they are kept informed about registration, agendas, changes in the event set-up etc.

What does "support office" mean?

In most cases the “support office” will be your Enterprise Europe Network office, Chamber of Commerce, technology agency, or similar, who support companies engaging in international business free of charge. If your region is not listed in the drop-down menu, please select “other”.  Your support office will be your primary contact for this event.


You will be asked to choose a password during the registration process.

Password forgotten? Click on the "login" button where you will find a "forgot password?" link. Use this link to receive a email with further instructions. 

How to change the password? Log in and go to account settings. 

Marketplace - Is it possible to have more than one profile?

Yes, it is. Every participant can publish multiple profiles. Please note that profiles are associated with active participants so the same organisation can be registered several times with different active participants.

Is it possible to modify my profile?

Yes, it is. Log in and go to your personal dashboard. You can use the tabs to modify any of the content you have already completed.

When will my profile be available online?

Every profile will be quality checked by your local support office.  If it meets the quality criteria it will be published, if not, you will be contacted by your support office to amend it.

How can I book meetings? 

  1. You can start requesting meetings from 1 December 2019 up to the 1 of March 2020.
  2. Select the "participants" link from the main menu.
  3. Search options on the left allow you to identify the most suitable participants/co-operation profiles quickly.
  4. Use the green "book meetings" button which you can find on each participants profile 

Can I refuse a meeting request?

Yes of course.

When will I get my personal meeting schedule?

  1. You will receive a preliminary meeting one week before the event starts.
  2. On the day of the event you will be given a paper copy of the latest schedule taking into account last minute changes and cancellations up to the afternoon before. 

What if I cannot participate in the matchmaking event due to unforeseen circumstances?

Please inform the event organiser ASAP.  If you have pre-booked meetings, please contact your meeting partners directly and tell them that you cannot keep the appointment.

"No shows" are not acceptable. When accepting a meeting request, you are agreeing to participate in the matchmaking event and your potential business partner will travel to the event in order to meet with you.  Please respect the organisers and your potential future business partners by being on time for your meetings. If unforeseen circumstances occur and you are not able to attend, cancel your meetings through the platform and inform us ASAP.


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